Twitter Releases New Share Menu For iOS App

Twitter has renewed the tweet share menu in the iOS application so that users can share tweets more easily in different applications. However, the new design does not seem to satisfy all users.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media applications in the world, has introduced the new tweet sharing menu, which it has been testing for a while, with the 8.37 version it released for the iOS application.

Twitter’s “new” share tweet “menu, which makes it possible to share tweets with less touch in other applications, is now available on all iOS devices.” Although the feature announced with its description aims to provide convenience to users, it seems that it has not received positive comments from all users.

This is what Twitter’s new tweet share menu on iOS looks like

Expressing their complaints about Twitter’s new tweet share menu, users stated that the menu offered by Twitter is not functional enough, iOS’s own share menu is better, and Twitter should provide users with the option to share tweets with the iOS share menu. .

The interesting point is that Twitter has already provided users with an iOS share menu option. Users who long press the share button in the Twitter application are faced with the iOS share menu instead of Twitter’s new tweet share menu. Probably, this option offered by Twitter has not reached all users.