Spotify Is Testing Polls Feature To Make Podcasts More Interactive

Spotify, one of the world’s largest platforms for the distribution of audio content, is testing a feature that will enable users to be more active in podcasts. With this feature, surveys can be made in podcasts.

Spotify is looking for ways to make it easier for podcasters and listeners to connect. One of them will be the surveys feature, which will be tested as of today. The working logic of the feature has been designed quite simply.

Podcast publishers or broadcasters will be able to poll and ask questions directly on the app, and see what the answers are. Thus, it will be possible for broadcasts to interact in a way that is more interactive and requires less different channels.

Asking questions to podcasts

With the new ask questions feature, podcasters will have full control over the questions they ask. For example, a broadcaster will be able to publish a poll that listeners can join by a certain date to determine their next guest. The answers to the questionnaires will remain anonymous.

Spotify is currently testing this feature, so not all podcast publishers will be able to access this service directly. For now, some podcasts such as the world-famous series The Rewatchables, Incredible Feats, Crime Countdown can use this new feature.

During the testing phase, roughly 90% of the users will be able to access these polls and vote on their iOS and Android devices. Those in the test group will see a notification about the new feature at the bottom of the episodes page or in the episode now playing.

Polls are getting popular again

Polls are getting popular again

We have previously seen that social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube also develop their own survey systems. Earlier this year, Reddit introduced its own survey creation tool. While Instagram’s survey feature has been in our lives since 2018, Twitter was almost the pioneer of surveys in social media.

Spotify’s move will also enable the platform to have a more social system as intended. Spotify wants to be more social thanks to features such as sharing lists, so they want to keep their customers on the platform for longer.