Category: Space

China’s Mysterious Reusable Spacecraft Returned to Earth

In the past weeks, it was announced that China's mysterious reusable spacecraft was sent into orbit. According to reports, the vehicle has returned to the world.

550MP Photograph of the Carina Nebula Created with 208K Images

Stellina, which enables celestial objects to be viewed in ultra high resolution and quality, combined 208 thousand images of the Carina Nebula and created a 550 MP photograph.

Calculated How Much Space Radiation Astronauts Will Be Exposed to on the Moon

A group of scientists calculated how much space radiation astronauts would be exposed to every hour spent on the Moon's surface. According to the measurements made, an astronaut will be exposed to approximately 60 microsieverts of radiation per hour spent on the Moon.

International Space Station Changes Its Orbit Due to Space Debris

The International Space Station had to perform an evasive maneuver to get rid of the garbage roaming in space last Thursday. The move was carried out as a security measure.