Category: Social Media

TikTok Announces How Many Videos Are Deleted In Transparency Report

In the transparency report announced for the January - June 2020 period, TikTok announced that 104 million videos were removed for various reasons. These removed videos also revealed the increasing number of users of the platform.

Spotify Launches New Feature ‘I Will Always Love’

Spotify introduced a new feature called "I Will Always Love" to users. This feature allows users to create a playlist containing their 5 favorite music or podcast streams. Users can share this playlist after creating it.

Facebook Brings Watch Together Feature to Messenger App

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, brings a new feature to the instant messaging application Messenger. With this new feature called Watch Together, a piece of content can be watched jointly and simultaneously during video conversations.

Twitter Releases New Share Menu For iOS App

Twitter has renewed the tweet share menu in the iOS application so that users can share tweets more easily in different applications. However, the new design does not seem to satisfy all users.

Spotify Is Testing Polls Feature To Make Podcasts More Interactive

Spotify, one of the world's largest platforms for the distribution of audio content, is testing a feature that will enable users to be more active in podcasts. With this feature, surveys can be made in podcasts.

New Features to be Offered by Instagram to Its Users Appeared

Instagram continues to work on new features that we will offer to its users. Features that the Instagram team is working on include group stories, auto scrolling for Reels.