Rocket League Immediately See 1 Million Players 1 Day After Free

Rocket League, one of today’s popular games, hosted 1 million players at the same time 1 day after becoming completely free in Epic Games. The game thus set a new record in its own right.

Rocket League, which was released for Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015 and released on Xbox One the following year, is still popular today. The game, which is simple and easy to master but has a structure that is difficult to master, has reached a popularity that it has never seen these days.

It has been announced in the past months that Rocket League will be completely free. According to this statement, the game will be free on September 23 and will be made possible for everyone to play; old players would get special content. That day has come and gone; Rocket League has started to be played for free.

1 million players played simultaneously:

1 million players played simultaneously

The unforgettable fun game of years has been flooded by hundreds of thousands of players who have heard of Rocket League before but have not tried it or never heard of it. So much so that Corey Davis, President of the game’s developer studio Piyonix, concretely proved how popular the game was suddenly with a visual he shared on Twitter.

The image that Corey Cavis shared on Twitter was taken the day after the game was free. Posting on September 24, Corey showed how many games he played instantly in the image. Accordingly, Rocket League was played by 1 million 3 thousand 36 players at the same time the image was taken.

This success of Rocket League the other day was also a record for itself. The game, which has sold more than 10.5 million so far, has hosted a maximum of 119,124 players at the same time, according to Steam statistics. Of course, it was expected that such a popular game would suddenly be free of charge, but the size of that explosion surprised everyone.

So how suddenly did Rocket League become free? Epic Games acquired Pmasiix Studio last year. As a result, Rocket League became available only on the Epic Games Store. Later on, Epic decided to bring the game for free and bring items and activities that can be purchased in-game. So Rocket League has become more profitable than before.