Riot Games Shares Tips About Two Champions Coming to League of Legends

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, published a blog post the other day for the two champions to be added to the game. Important tips about the two champions were shared in the blog post.

League of Legends, the most popular MOBA game of today, continues to increase its popularity by gaining new champions especially in recent months. The game, which finally incorporated Samira, apparently rolled up its sleeves to add two new champions to the game.

The developer company Riot Games announced earlier this year that it will bring new champions for each role to League of Legends and two champions for mid lane throughout the year. So far, the company has added Sett for top lane, Lillia for jungle, Yone for mid laner and Samira for bottom lane.

2 more champions will come to the game:

In other words, according to the announcement of Riot Games at the beginning of the year, a mid lane champion and a support champion will be added to the game. So what will these champions be? Riot Games shared a new blog post the other day to answer this question. Let’s start with the mid lane champion first. An Instagram account called ‘Seraphine’ appeared in July.

In the first image shared on his Instagram account, a girl with pink hair stood in a drawing similar to Riot Games’ drawings. Later on, the account was verified by Instagram, and some revealed information about the account is that this account is actually linked to Riot Games; He pointed out that Seraphine will be the new champion, who is social media ‘influencer and musician. The details in the blog post shared also proved this.

2 more champions will come to the game

After these events, it was announced that Seraphine will perform with K / DA at the LoL World Championship. After that, it started to be claimed that Seraphine would be added to the game after the championship. Riot’s new champion is already being spoken of with a successful marketing strategy we haven’t seen before. In fact, 343 thousand users follow the champion’s Instagram account.

The new support character to come to the game was not marketed until Seraphine. Riot described his new champion in a few sentences. These were sentences stating that the champion is a dangerous deserter, that ‘they’ have solid armor and punish those who wear solid armor by killing them, and that the champion can escape immediately when cornered. In short, the new champion was heavily armored and mobile.

Of course, as is often the case with League of Legends, players are quite concerned about new champions. Because when Riot Games adds a new champion to the game, that champion is usually strong enough to crush other champions. While Riot has tackled these issues, players complain that champions cannot play the game in the first days of their release.