BMW Motorsport Division Announces First Electric Vehicle Based on i4

German-based automaker BMW Motorsport division BMW M announced the first electric car based on the i4. The new vehicle is expected to be more sporty and more featured than the standard i4.

The share of electric vehicles in the automotive world is increasing. Many giant automakers produce electric cars. One of these companies is BMW. BMW M, the German automaker’s Motorsport division, announced that the upcoming i4 EV-based electric battery vehicle is under development.

BMW M CEO Markus Flasch made the announcement in his press release and stated that the vehicle will be released in the next year and will be under the “performance segment” of the company.

May have better features than the standard version

May have better features than the standard version

In his press release, Flasch said, “We will launch the first M vehicle with an electric battery that will be in the performance segment based on the i4 next year. We are also working on electrified hybrid performance and high performance vehicles, but it is too early to tell which one will come out.”

According to the news in Engadget, the vehicle will be sportier than the standard i4, but will not be as high-performance as the BMW M3 and BMW M4 models of the company’s Motorsport division. Flasch stated that the current battery technology is not yet capable of powering high-performance vehicles, and time is needed to design batteries of this capacity.

“The biggest question that needs to be answered is how an electric battery vehicle can deliver M-specific or M-style dynamics while lifting its weight,” Flasch said. The company’s CEO did not reveal too many details about the vehicle. However, considering that it will be sportier than the standard i4, it would not be wrong to think that it will have better features.

BMW had previously stated that the i4 would have a 390 kW engine and could reach a speed of 0 to 96 km / h in 4 seconds. The highest speed the vehicle can reach will be 199 km / h, and thanks to its 80 kW / h battery, it will have a range of 600 km with a single filling. This standard i4 model will hit the road in 2022.